Friday, May 02, 2014

Festival of India (Free event - open to all) - At ISKCON Houston on 5/17 and 5/18 from 9am - 10pm @ 1320 West 34st. Houston

ISKCON of Houston will celebrate the grand opening of its new temple featuring Festival of India from Saturday May 17th through Sunday May 18th 2014.  Special preview for *non-Indians* on Friday May 16th.

This celebration marks the culmination of nearly forty years of dedication and hard work at ISKCON of Houston. 1320 W. 34St. Houston, 9am - 10pm. The festival is open to ALL.
FREE vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Explore Indian music, arts and culture.
**Learn more regarding the festival on Navrang Sat. 5/10 from the vice-president Adavaita Chandra Das.**
For volunteering contact Rasikendra Das: 214-986-6171.
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The grand opening will feature a rare two-day appearance in Houston of the famous traveling Festival of India (FOI),  FOI was a hit at the Houston International Festival in 2005 when it featured India. Under colorful tents you and your family will see illustrative art, sculpture, and photographic reproductions depicting aspects of ancient Indian culture such as bhakti yoga, vegetarianism, karma, reincarnation, ancient science, and Vedic histories. The festival stage will also host internationally renowned traditional and contemporary musicians such as BB Govinda Swami, Mayapuris, United Nations Association International Choir, as well as Indian classical concerts, children’s performances, kirtan, dance and drama.