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Program on August 29, 2009

Playlist for August 29, 2009
Details about "Calcutta Express" are provided below. Played on the show today the music from this album caught the attention of our keen listener.
Guy Strazz - 7 string East-West guitar;percussion and bass on Heaven 7
Sandip Chatterjee - santoor & tanpura
Biplab Bhattacharya - tabla & pakhawaj
Somnath Roy - ghatam, nepali madol, percussion
Suchishree - vocal on Veena Deeveena
Gora - effects on Veena Deeveena
Adrian McNeil - sarod on Teena De Healer
Bobby Singh - tabla on Teena De Healer
This album is the result of a collaboration that took place in Kolkata in 2004 between its key performers Australia guitarist Guy Strazz and Indian santoor player Sandip Chatterjee. Working in elements of folk music from Bengal, Hindustani art/classical music, and Afro-Brazilian music, and harnessing the musicianship of other colleagues, they have produced an album that they describe variously as ‘contemporary fusion’, ‘Intercultural World Fusion’ and ‘Intercultural World Music'.


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