Saturday, April 25, 2009

Concert of Indian Classical music. Sarode and Tabla Concert On Tuesday April 21 at Rice University - A huge success!!

The Sarode and Tabla concert was a huge success!!

Thank you all for attending the First Indian Classical music concert brought by ktru!!

KTRU's very first Concert of Indian Classical music - drew a huge crowd on a Tuesday evening. Shankar Bhattacharyya's sarode and Sri Gourisankar's tabla mesmerized the audience. The selection of ragas was explained to the curious spectators by Shankar Bhattacharyya. The sawaal-jawab; dialogue between the instruments was fascinating!
Dr. Bhattacharyya recalled his time at his graduate school - Rice University. He fondly shared his very first day at Rice. " I looked at Sammy's and it reminded me of my very first day here at Rice. I was standing in line for food and a friend pointed out to me that the person ahead of us in line was the President of Rice, President and students all ate at the same place" he said.


Blogger Navrang said...

I really want to congratulate you on organizing such a magnificent event. I really enjoyed the music a lot. I love it! It was really nice to finally see Indian classical music being performed live. -Learzy

8:48 PM  
Blogger Navrang said...

Thank YOU for organizing such a wonderful event! I was blown away by
the virtuosity of the musicians and the joy and expressiveness of their
playing. I thought the event came off as very professional, cultured,
educational, and fun, and reached out to some different audiences than
usual KTRU concerts, which is awesome. Congratulations on a great success! -KT

8:50 PM  
Blogger Navrang said...

I really enjoyed the event and hope to hear about more Indian cultural
events at Rice in the future. -Arindam

8:52 PM  

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