Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GLOBAL CONVERSATIONS- jazz and ragas fused on Friday, March 13, 8pm, Zilkha Hall, Hobby Centre for the Performing Arts.

The music of Global Conversations is raga influenced jazz and jazz inflected raga. The ensemble of world-class musicians experienced in the art of cross - cultural collaboration includes: George Brooks – saxophone, Kala Ramnath – violin, Frank Martin - piano and keyboards, Kai Eckhardt – bass, Aditya Kalyanpurtabla, Celso Albert - drums
WARSI QAWWALS OF RAMPUR on Saturday, March 28, 8pm, Cullen Theatre, Wortham Centre.
Qawwali meaning divine utterance is inextricably linked to the Sufi tradition, which strives to realize divine unity by letting go of all notions of duality. Warsis of Rampur, an ensemble of nine, is the fourth generation of Qawwals who render the Qawwali in its original and authentic genre. And, they have been enthralling audiences with this divine music around the world for more than four decades!


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