Sunday, July 03, 2005

Program on July 3, 2005

Playlist for July 3, 2005

Got a very positive response to today's program! The secret was - I just played the best tracks from my playlists in the last 6 weeks or so, with a few new additions thrown in. It seems that it might be a fine way to go. Keeps everyone happy.

Played some recent Bollywood hits, including
Piyu Bole (Parineeta), Minnat Kare (Paheli) and Kajra Re (Bunty aur Babli). That kept my desi friends happy.

A lot of listeners dig the fusion/underground music. The ones like Garbarek+Fateh Khan's
Saga (Ragas and Sagas), Karmacy's Passage to India and Midival Punditz' Ajmer.

I'm planning to throw in some chutney (Caribbean desi) music in future sets.



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